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Luxury Concierge Services in Mykonos


What is Luxury for you? For us, luxury is being able to ask anything you want. Luxury is not the opposite of poverty. It is a state of mind, the synonym of being free. Do you believe that your time in Mykonos is the most precious of all like we do?  True elegance in Mykonos means being comfortable and pampered. It’s about pleasing yourself. Understand what makes you happy and let us spoil you. Tell us your story and let us indulge you in unparalleled pleasure and exceed your expectations through our extensive range of Luxury Concierge Services!


Over the years we have created the ultimate chefs’ team, composed of a variety of multicultural professionals, from Greek traditional experts to award–winning private chefs, from all over the world. In fact, they are all trained to offer an impeccable dining experience to the highest standards, based on your preferences and requirements. Furthermore, our in-house chefs are committed to Simplicity, Authenticity, and Greek Hospitality. They use only the most fresh & local ingredients.

Do you love the attention to detail as we do? Then a fabulous idea would be to let our MKNS-trained Butlers take care of everything you need during your stay. Witness the personalized culinary fantasy you deserve. Specifically, our individual and weekly packages include breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, BBQ, wedding meal, cooking class, olive oil tasting, pool party, floating breakfast, etc.


Depending on your needs and your passion for adventure, whether you wish to rent a luxury famous SUV car or a comfort model, our largest and most updated variety of luxurious vehicles is at your disposal. Our trusted partners are proud to be a part of our luxury concierge services.  Moreover, to maximize the fun, we can deliver your car at your preferred time and your preferred location.

It doesn’t matter if it is at the airport or your villa. What matters the most is for you to earn time and enjoy your arrival day to the fullest. Need for more fun and more adventure? Your available options are not limited to luxury brands but also include scooters, bikes, and buggies. Learn how we can ease your car rental experience today.


Driving in Mykonos is fun. However, it can be challenging too. Do you intend to maximize your time in Mykonos relax and enjoy? Specifically, without worrying about being limited in drinking and having fun late at night, or looking for parking? Then we would love to introduce to you our MKNS Chauffeur Services, as a apart of our Luxury Concierge Services.

Single rides, “On Call” or “12h-24h Disposal ” packages have been designed based on the feedback of our guests in Mykonos. They aim to keep you relaxed and carefree while you enjoy your transportation from one hotspot to the other. Moreover, our trusted drivers take seriously luxury and safety, that’s why we trust them. Book your chauffeur package today and rest assured that you have not missed the best rate.


Are you ready to experience the Ultimate Aegean Sea adventure? Our entire MKNS Team from the Luxury Concierge Services Department is at your disposal. They can arrange among other activities and experiences, an inspiring half-day cruise on a speedboat. This will awaken your deepest emotions. For example, you can either sail from one remote beach to another or just stay still to witness the Aegean deep blue and do absolutely nothing.

Keen on a luxury yacht? For instance, a day cruise? Picturing yourself on board a luxury charter yacht? For example, holding a glass of a refreshing and sophisticated cocktail? Additionally, enjoying the most memorable sunset, and tasting fine creations of our private chef? Moreover, surrendering to the rhythm of your exclusive DJ onboard? Now we are talking! Our captains know how to maximize the fun and safety onboard. Furthermore, they will show you all the noteworthy and wind-sheltered spots, like no one else.


Not only your future luxury villa’s in Mykonos top facilities, but also the island of Mykonos itself offers lavishly countless opportunities to rejuvenate your body. Additionally, you can reinvigorate your soul, while experiencing our signature MKNS Hospitality. For example, you can choose from a wide range of activities, locations, and programs according to your fitness needs, stamina goals, and specific mood. Is it at your private luxury villa in Mykonos? Alternatively, up in the mountains or even down to a remote beach?

Trust our Fitness and Exercising Experts from our Luxury Concierge Services, for your full body training by the pool. Moreover, your Sunrise Pilates, your Sunset yoga sessions, your challenging Cross Fit and TRX Training, or even Aqua Training and Aqua Yoga to strengthen your entire core. Indeed, unstoppable partying in Mykonos is good. However, keeping your full body and spirit detoxed and lifted, through MKNS Designated Personal Training Programs, is awesome.


MKNS Realty does not offer you only extraordinary villas to stay in Mykonos. Actually, with our Luxury Concierge Services, we take Hospitality very seriously. Therefore, we want you to leave Mykonos with memorable moments. The MKNS-dedicated Luxury Concierge Services Team can arrange all of your bookings. For instance, we can arrange bookings for beach-clubs sunbeds, restaurants, and cocktail bar tables, in advance. Therefore, the only thing you will have to worry about is to celebrate life.

This is a complimentary service. Therefore, we would love to hear from you. For example, the things you like, your desires, and your expectations. Furthermore, we would love to make sure you will leave Mykonos not only with full bags from the Nammos Village but also with countless amazing moments from your first day until the last minute of your stay. Besides, having lived unique experiences to recite and having authentic stories to tell is the best gift you can offer to yourself.


Speaking of luxury, unwinding, relaxation, comfort, and privacy, here comes safety. Indeed, Mykonos is turning into a global destination. As a result, it attracts a plethora of visitors. Therefore, this might lead to theft cases in some villas in Mykonos. Even though these cases are extremely rare, according to Mykonos Police, we would recommend our guests consider another Luxury Concierge Service. This is our Exclusive Security Service. For example, if you are looking for a security guard in Mykonos, contact us today. Our experienced, licensed, and trusted security guards are dedicated to maximizing the existing security level of your villa. As a result, they make sure that you, your guests, and your valuables are being monitored safely at all times.

Furthermore, the guests who seek a higher level of discretion and safety are encouraged to consider our Exclusive VIP Close Protection Escorting Agents. For instance, this can be done on a 12-hour or 24-hour basis. Differently, you can simply examine the possibility of appointing our Security Patrol Experts to reassure you that your entire property is being monitored at all times. Moreover, do not hesitate to ask for more information about our Security Guards and Close Protection Associates. We can find the most suitable service for your stay.


Right after Hospitality and Safety we also love the attention to detail. Most importantly, we adore the ability to feel at home, wherever you are! For example, as global citizens, at MKNS Realty, we think that you deserve to have a home prepared and pre-stocked exactly as you want. No need to miss anything or change your habits. Therefore, we are proud to also introduce to you, one of our exclusive Luxury Concierge Services. This is our pre-arrival stocking service. Specifically, our shoppers will make sure to stock up your fridge, kitchen, and rooms with anything you desire, as long as it can be found in Mykonos or can be imported.

Therefore, the only thing you might need to worry about is making the list with the items you need. Or you might not, as we will help you with that too! We deeply know Mykonos as we have been here for more than 17 consecutive years! As a result, we consider ourselves locals. Additionally, we love taking feedback from our guests and will help you understand what you will need during your stay.


The MKNS Realty Team has carefully selected the most exceptional barbers, beauticians, therapists, and healers. For instance, they can offer you unparalleled Mykonos Spa sessions. As a result, it will treat your body, detox and activate your senses, glam your skin, hair, and nails, and also heal your spirit and soul. For instance, the exclusive MKNS Luxury Concierge Services Team can arrange for a revitalizing pause. Alternatively, an entire Luxurious Spa will await you at your villa with combined treatments and sessions. Furthermore, Celebrity Hairdressers for the ladies or Prestigious Barbers for the gents.

Additionally, Make-up Artists, Manicure and Pedicure Experts, Specialized Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Sound Healers. A sensuous exploration, a path to absolute relaxation and rejuvenation is just a click away. Just choose the most suitable wellness or beauty session for you. Furthermore, choose one session or combine two or more, from MKNS Realty’s Signature Spa Services.


MKNS Luxury Concierge Services offer you a variety of Dedicated Nannies, Devoted Elder Guests Caretakers, Licensed Nurses, and Experienced Doctors, as well as Dog Walkers and Keepers. We take pride when it comes to hospitality and assistance. Furthermore, we are very passionate about treating you as a whole family regardless of its composition.

For example, a beautiful family can be composed of a dad, a mom with kids, and maybe grandparents. Or, a single-parent family or two same-sex parents. Alternatively, it could be a large group of friends, or a big blend of families, with playful kids and charming grandparents who might need medical attention. Or, additional relatives, with their adorable four-legged friend, the needs of your family differ.

Depending on the occasion, at MKNS we deeply understand and respect your differentiation and celebrate your diversity and uniqueness. Therefore, we would like to present to you our Extra Pair of Helping Hands Services for your infant, kids, older guests, or your pet.


Mykonos is one of the top destinations for unstoppable partying and unlimited fun. Undoubtedly, guests from all over the world are visiting Mykonos to celebrate their special moments. For example, Weddings, Engagements, Vow Renewals, Birthdays, Christenings, Bachelor Parties, Hen Do, or any other awesome occasion to throw a party in Mykonos. Dreaming of organizing your own Private Party at your Luxury Villa in Mykonos? Your Exclusive Assigned Luxury Concierge Services Expert has it all!

For example, we can offer you Professional Speakers and Subwoofers, Special Party Lighting Systems, fireworks, and all the necessary Top Quality DJ Equipment exclusively for Parties hosted on board your luxury yacht or at your villa. Moreover, award-winning Chefs, hospitable waiters and butlers, and Sophisticated Bartenders are at your disposal to make your special moment even more enjoyable.

Furthermore, maximize the fun by hiring one of our partnering Famous DJs such as the Legendary DJ of the Famous Queen Bar, PhilipZ, the irresistible DJ Velvet, and the unique DJ of Zuma George, just to name a few. You just pick the location and the dates and leave all the rest to us! You can contact your MKNS Concierge Agent to discuss all your special requests.


Such a unique moment needs to have all the necessary sparkles, bubbles, and fairy dust! When it comes to such a special event attention to detail is a must. Specifically, our MKNS Luxury Concierge Services Specialists have at your disposal all the essentials for a Dreamy Wedding in Mykonos. For example, Premium catering, trained waiting staff, and sophisticated bartenders for signature reception and party cocktails. Moreover, Floral and decorative arrangements, exclusive spa treatments for the couple, make-up, hair, and nail artists, photo booths, and fireworks.

Additionally, Party arrangements, live performers and singers, Top Mykonos DJs, and anything else you might dream of. MKNS Realty’s exceptional Mykonos wedding planning reassures you of magical moments. Leave Mykonos with unlimited memorable moments full of celebrations with your special guests. Contact today your assigned MKNS Concierge Expert to start your sparkling journey in Mykonos!


Mykonos is unique. It offers generously a plethora of cosmopolitan restaurants and exquisite shopping oases with global luxury brands. Furthermore, you will experience top-notch nightlife and legendary beach clubs to see and to be seen. However, Mykonos has the unique ability to accommodate more alternative visitors who seek serenity and uniqueness. Or, more authentic and local experiences.

Specifically, guests who wish to embrace local culture and witness more sophisticated experiences and activities may try also our selected Alternative Luxury Concierge Services. For example, Sound Healing, Aqua Yoga, Traditional Cooking Classes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting, Horse Riding on a remote beach, Diving, Fishing, Photo shooting on picturesque spots, and Panoramic Helicopter flights. Furthermore, Mykonos Wine Tasting and Cheese Making Workshops, and many more. Depending on your mood, you can assign your MKNS Concierge Expert to help you experience Mykonos authentically.


With a simple text to your assigned MKNS Concierge Expert, you can get an exclusive Charter Flight promptly. Undoubtedly, Mykonos has become a global destination. As a result, it attracts more and more guests from all over the world. Therefore, in some cases, airports might be overcrowded. As a result, commercial air transportation might be challenging. MKNS Realty, through our expertise and partnering networks, can arrange for you a private jet or a top-notch helicopter, all of them operated by trusted captains.

They can guarantee your ultimate comfort, speed and safety, absolute privacy, and on-time Exclusive Air Transportation always with Style. Book now your on-demand Luxury Charter Jet to Mykonos. Furthermore, you can book your Private Helicopter either to visit Santorini, Paros, other islands, or Athens if your business requires so. Alternatively, explore and admire the breathtaking view of the coastline from above.


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