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Your Best Investment in Mykonos is here

For many, the best time to buy a property in Mykonos is always five years ago. For you, it’s today.

Come to Mykonos. Experience authentic simplicity and a luxury lifestyle. Visit with us the most outstanding properties on the island. We have extraordinary properties for extraordinary buyers. Fall in love with the Local Culture and Philosophy of this magical island and let’s do the unthinkable. Let’s have fun! Home buying is a fun process that we and our trusted partners including top-class advocates with expertise in real estate in Mykonos, public notaries, architects, engineers, and property managers, are ready to fulfill your dream in the safest, fast, and fun way.

Trust us we hate bureaucracy too and we value money and time as precious as you. We define success not by selling you a house, but by selling you the most remarkable house. The house you love, you deserve and will bring you back irreplaceable moments with your beloved ones and of course significant returns safely. That’s why we love seeing smiles of satisfaction. It gives us the necessary motivation and inspiration to continue thriving in Real Estate in Mykonos and make your dreams entirely come true.

We consider ourselves a family who will show your family the way home.
We sincerely thank you for visiting us and giving us your time and trust. We genuinely mean all the above and we leave our experience professionalism and honesty to speak for us. If you can’t wait to buy a luxury property in Mykonos and share the same excitement with us, we would be delighted to hear from you! Let’s do it together!


Mykonos Realty stands for Success-driven real estate consultants, happy buyers and investors from all over the world, and dozens of hundreds of closed real estate transactions with the highest referral rate.

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