Privacy Policy

INTRODUCTION of Privacy Policy

The site is operated by MKNS MYKONOS Realty based at 47 Mantinias Street, Athens, 12136, Greece, a company registered in Greece. All references in this policy to “we/us/our” refer to MKNS MYKONOS Realty. The use of any services (“Services”) provided by MKNS MYKONOS Realty or just access to its content gives the user the status of User (“User”). 

MKNS MYKONOS Realty respects the privacy of users and is committed to protecting the personal information collected through our Web Site. Furthermore, all users of our services are required to abide by these Rules which outline how we collect and use personal information. By accessing or using our services you agree to be bound by these (“Rules”). MKNS MYKONOS Realty is a real estate agency that makes it simple for you to discover property listings published by our estate agents, contractors, and other external partners.


When a user accesses the Site or makes use of our Services, they may be asked to provide certain personal information like their name, contact details, telephone number, and email address. MKNS MYKONOS Realty also collects data regarding your usage of our platform, such as research conducted, properties accessed, pages viewed, and the content of emails sent to advertisers or partners. 

For mobile users, we may record the location to show listings nearby. Additionally, we could also collect information from any current or previous correspondence with us. This can all be collectively referred to as “information”. All the forms on our Site that require your personal information have a ‘tick box’ option to enable you to allow or not allow us to utilize that data for promotional uses.


By providing us with your Information, we can ensure that you have access to all the features and services of this Site and fulfill any requests you may have made. By combining the data, we can recognize patterns that aid us in our marketing strategies and allow us to manage, maintain, promote, and upgrade our services and features. Your Information may be employed to contact you for feedback on our services and to inform you of any significant changes or additions to this Site or related services. 

With your permission, we may also send you information regarding other products or services that we or our partners offer and may be of interest to you. If you wish to discontinue such notifications in the future, please get in touch with us via this link and let us know.


We keep all the personal information that we have gathered from you safely stored. If our services are being provided through a partner website, then they may be granted access to such data. Their usage of your private details is subject to their respective privacy policies. We have no responsibility for the privacy policies or practices of other websites, even if our Site contains links that take you there or if you can access our services from such websites. It is advisable to thoroughly review the privacy policy of each website before furnishing any personal information. Ensure you are comfortable with the terms and conditions stated therein. 

Should our business enter into a joint venture, be bought, or be merged with any other business entity, confidential information may become available to them and can eventually be transferred over. If we require the assistance of a third party such as an agent or developer to provide you with a particular service, Your Information may be transferred to them to execute the service. Their use of this data is mainly regulated by their privacy policy, and we are not liable for it. We will not share, sell, or distribute any Users’ information to third parties without your permission, except in cases where we are obliged to do so by law.


At MKNS MYKONOS Realty, we employ ‘cookies’ to ensure a smooth and seamless user experience. Additionally, cookies help us to simplify the login procedure, keep track of personal preferences, and monitor the usage of our website. Cookies are tiny data elements stored on the hard drive of your computing device, like a PC, smartphone, or tablet that is accessed by your internet browser. You can modify your browser settings to not accept cookies from websites (you can check your help screen/manual for instructions on this), however, this might prevent the Site and other websites from working properly. 

Log files that record the IP address, the number of pages accessed, and time spent on our website are automatically created by our servers, a common occurrence with all websites. These contain information regarding the volume and characteristics of the traffic experienced on our site. We review our log files to gain insight into how our site is utilized, which aids us in improving its performance. However, there is no way for us to recognize any individual from the logs.


MKNS MYKONOS Realty follows strict security procedures to ensure that personal information is not damaged, destroyed, or disclosed to third parties without your permission. Restrictions are in place to limit access to any information we collect and store. Access is only granted to employees who have a specific job-related requirement for that data. 

To ensure the security of this sensitive data, we may require you to cooperate with our necessary safety protocols before disclosing it. Personal data collected via the website may be transferred outside of the country to provide services, in adherence with European regulations and relevant national laws. Your data will be kept for a reasonable amount of time or as stipulated by applicable regulations.


It is our prerogative to modify this Policy at any time and no formal notice needs to be provided. All updates will be posted on the website, becoming active immediately upon posting. In case of any modifications to existing materials which might affect the utilization of the Site and/or dissemination of information, we will make a concerted effort to notify users about these alterations.


Cookies are tiny files installed on a computer when a certain website is accessed. These are placed by the website and retrieved each time the user logs onto it. MKNS MYKONOS Realty’s cookies are quite standard and safe to use. We mainly use AI writing assistants to gather data that can help us refine our website. 

This includes insights into which parts of the site are being accessed, the navigation patterns employed by users, and their preferences when it comes to clicking on particular items on each page. Nonetheless, we would like to inform you about the type of cookies MKNS MYKONOS Realty utilizes and why we make use of them.


We aim to give our customers a seamless and enjoyable experience with our website. To this end, we use cookies to monitor how users interact with the website to give them the best service. This data furnishes us with confidential statistics concerning the number of people who access our website, their origin, and the web pages they view. This equips us to focus efficiently on the advancement of the website and our services.

Our team works hard to ensure our customers have a superior online experience. As part of this effort, we may introduce new services which involve using cookies periodically. We strive to keep our cookie information accurate and current. To ensure that our users are informed about any changes to the details, we may post them on this or other pages of our website of our Privacy Policy.