Villa Sunflower


Villa Sunflower is a unique property located in the northwest of Mykonos. Specifically, it is in the Fanari district, in a beautiful natural setting. This amazing villa stands gracefully on a majestic cliff top, over a vast plot of nearly 4,500 sqm. Its charming 390 sqm invites discerning guests to enjoy a luxurious journey of enchanting natural beauty and sublime luxury.

The unique architecture of Mykonos is a testament to the perfect harmony between traditional and modern design. The island’s buildings boast intricate details, such as vivid colors and patterns, which enhance the beauty of the cityscape. The use of natural materials in combination with contemporary designs results in an interesting composition that impresses all who visit. This architectural design creates an atmosphere that is both timeless and modern, offering a pleasant juxtaposition of past and present.

The interior of this Mykonos villa impresses with its quality, elegance, and carefully selected furnishings that combine traditional and country styles; a combination that is truly enchanting. The stunning outdoor area features multiple seating and dining areas where guests can relax in the warm Greek sun and rejuvenate in the private outdoor pool. Villa Sunflower is a perfect blend of absolute beauty and sophistication.

All nine spacious and beautifully decorated bedrooms and bathrooms complete the uniqueness of this Mykonos villa. The charming Villa Sunflower, coupled with its stunning location, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that guarantees moments of unparalleled relaxation, comfort, and hospitality. This investment villa attracts many real estate investors in Mykonos because of its rare notably big size which can be revised and make beautiful rooms. In terms of rentals more rooms mean more guests capacity. This fabulous property for sale in Mykonos is also eligible for the gold visa program in Greece. Plus, the sunset view is fantastic and the investment villa is a breath away from Houlakia and Agios Stefanos.

Villa Sunflower




390 SQM m2

Property Size



€ 2.000.000


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